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Our aim is to maximise the vendor result and agent profile at every auction. MVP believe it’s your auction so your brand should be the only brand profiled, we want to make your auctions the Ultimate Listing Presentation.


Our primary focus will always be on results and the auction process but we also believe that in a digital world there are opportunities to maximise the content created during the process, on the day and with your results. MVP are proudly innovative and looking to evolve and add to our value offering. We have done this without adding to the cost. We understand the importance of value so an MVP Auction offers exceptional skills, value and unparalleled inclusions.

MVP Inclusions:

Top tier auctioneers
Vendor meetings
Training sessions
Multi camera video edits
Auction day assistant
Auction day photography
Social media edits and videos
Branded T&C's and contract backs
High quality bidders records

REB Auctioneer of the Year 2019 & 2018 - Finalist


The result on auction day is the result of 4+ weeks of process, skill and work completed by the agent on behalf of the vendor. Every auction is the agents auction. It’s their buyers, their seller, their market and we (always acknowledge that it is) will never forget our role is to put the cherry on the cake, but that the cake is baked before we play our part. In short - Credit where credit is due.

Our role at MVP Auctions is to bring our skill, strategy and philosophy to the auction day, to ensure we are in the best possible position to maximise the result for the vendor and maximise the profile of the agent at their auction.

MVP Credo

To do all we can to maximise the result for the vendor
To maximise the profile enjoyed by the agent at their auction.
To be researched and ready for every auction.
To follow instructions and strategy as outlined by our agents.
To engage the audience
To check with every bidder, prior to selling
To check with the agent before selling
To finish every auction with an “Agent Sell”
To engage all bidders, the buyer and the vendor post auction
Remind the vendor that the credit is with the agent for the result.

Our focus is your success.